Uproot Hootenanny opening up for Charlie Daniels

btrewThe Hootenanny has been involved in a long game of “catch-up” with Brian Trew’s former band, The Celtic Rouges, for as long as I’ve been in the band. It seems that in Brian’s short time with The Celtic Rouges they accomplished quite a lot: A tour of Ireland and the UK, 3 albums, and they opened up for Bad Company…it took 5 years but Uproot Hootenanny has finally evened the odds it seems. Now with 3 Irish tours under our belt, 3 albums now, and a fourth in the works as we speak; The Hootenanny lads only needed to open up for a legend in order to finally surpass the childhood musical project of Brian Trew.

biopic-charlieWell Trew, I’m happy to finally say you can suck it you tyrant bastard because its official, Uproot Hootenanny is opening up for Charlie Daniels. We will be playing at the Seminole Immokalee Casino on November 18th, showtime is uncertain yet but most likely in the afternoon, just check back on our dates page soon and we’ll have it up. So if Immokalee has yet to lure out there with the promise of drunken gambling then i’d say some Uproot Hootenanny and Charlie Daniels ought to sweeten the deal. Hope to y’all out there, if not, we’ll give your regards to Chuck.

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