Spring Fest 2012 Recap

This Years Suwannee SpringFest was a hell of a time! In fact, it’s safe to say we may have had too much of a good time at this years festival but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We can’t thank the good folks at SpringFest enough for their hospitality…the Redbull’s and bottle of Jameson were greatly appreciated and that kindess shall never be forgotten…kind of like handing someone poison and the antidote at the same time, very thoughtful. We all had our favorites at the festival but some of the best music around was at the Bill Monroe Shrine, it is quite humbling to wittness so many talented musicians concentrated in a small area, truly awesome. So if you couldn’t make it this year or simply have never made up to the Suwannee Music and Art’s Park, don’t cheat yourself next year…we hope to return, triumphantly.


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